What more can you say about dogs other than they truly are man’s best friend? Well you can say a lot, actually. Dogs truly are great companions and friends, but more than that they can become a part of a family that is treasured much greater than what comes to mind traditionally when you think of pets. Many animal lovers will tell you that dogs are not only the smartest domesticated animals but the best pets to have in a protective role for a family as well. What makes dogs so great is their ability to learn almost any command and action as long as you take the time out to teach them. They love to be trained just as much as they love to be fed or run around the yard and chase rabbits. The bond a human can have with a dog is so great that we mourn we dogs pass away in the same way we do when a friend or family member moves on. It is no mistake that most families have photos of their dogs all over the house and Internet to show off just how cute they are. Our directory on dogs will offer up information on each breed so you can make an educated decision when choosing a dog for your next family pet. We will also provide links to resources that will show which breeds are best for families with small children, which are best for hunters and which are best for anything in between.

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